I knew I was a mom when...WINNER!!!!

Thanks to all of you who entered the "I knew I was a mom when..." contest!  Carrie and I had so much fun reading your entries;  many of which made us nod in agreement, laugh, smile, tear up a little bit, etc.  But we can only choose just one winner (someday we'll be rich and famous enough to choose more than one winner for our contests)  So without further adieu, congratulations to Ashley....

There were many moments when I thought I was a “mom.” You know, like when I was in labor 24 hours only to have a c-section, with husband hiding behind as much medical equipment he could find when he wasn’t playing chess on the computer. Or the day after I gave birth when he flew his mother up and dropped her off (without a car) at the hospital to “help” me while he went back to work. Or when I tried to breastfeed my beautiful bouncing baby boy only to find that he had some type of weird nipple phobia and screamed like it was a monster attacking him (I thought to myself, this must be the bonding everyone talks about). Or when I took him on his first airplane ride and when they announced “those who need extra time boarding or those with small children” he leaned right between my boobs and barfed before our three hour flight. If you told me before I had him that I had some fluid on me that I didn’t know what it was, I would have been completely grossed out. Now that is a daily occurrence. There have been many defining moments in the last 8 months but I think, by far, last week took the cake. We were on the expressway (nowhere to pull over) and I hear “cough, cough, weird choking noise” and then NOTHING. Of course the 20 dollar mirror I paid for had somehow flown to the side where I could get a mere glimpse of two bare feet. So I start screaming his name, screaming his name, AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS…Nothing (he hates noises and cries when he hears them so I felt sure that he would cry….NOTHING.) I turn the radio up as loud as I could…NOTHING. Then I see two feet shoot straight out front in the corner of the 20 dollar crappy mirror, but no sound. At this point, I am screaming over the radio, looking in the rear view, shaking the car seat, while driving 90 miles an hour…NOTHING. (I can imagine what the car behind me thought). I pulled over into Burger King…threw the car in park….ran around the car, flung the door open, to this little monster looking at me like I was the crazy one. THAT is when I knew I was a mom. To care so much about something so small is beyond what I could have ever imagined. But I do know that I am a mom, because no one else could be what I am to him, and I realized that last week, screaming, radio, crappy mirror and all!

Ashley will receive our special little prize package/goodie basket just for MOM...meaning she does not have to share a single damn thing in it with ANYONE.  Got that, Ashley???  :)  We've got: a $25 Godiva gift card, some fun, summery OPI nail colors, awesome lip glosses (one called Sexy Motherpucker...just had to get it because of the name) and don't forget about your awesome goodie from Julie over at Etsy!!!!  So as soon as you see this post (and since we KNOW you read us every day you will...right Ashley?  Right?  Are you there?  Hello????) Shoot me an email to  dailyepidural @ hotmail.com

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for entering!  Keep your eyes open for our next giveaway...you just never know what we've got up our sleeves for next time...it may make special places all sparkly ;)


Meg said...
May 17, 2010 at 12:07 PM

that's awesome :) congrats Ashley! :) hehehe

Tough Guy and Little Man said...
May 17, 2010 at 12:11 PM

Good choice, Anne & Carrie... harrowing but hilarious! I was on the edge of my seat. A similar thing happened to me once on the Parkway with a loose lead on my son's heart monitor, but one happy ending and ten gray hairs later, I can smile about it. Ashley, well done!

Ashley said...
May 17, 2010 at 3:39 PM

Wow thanks! I am honored, I am emailing you now!

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