"I knew I was a mom when...?" Prize SNEAK PEEK!

Ok, so for those of you who have left us a comment on the "I knew I was a mom when..." post, you are well aware that you are eligible to win our prize "basket" (which really isn't IN a basket persay...they just always call them that so we will too)  What you don't know is what is IN said prize basket....

I'm not going to tell you EVERYTHING because that's like finding your birthday presents a week early (nevermind you had ripped the house apart searching for them but that's neither here nor there)  But one thing I will share with you is this little baby right here:

Ok, talk about FREAKING ADORABLE, right?????????  I found Julie on Etsy (which, if you haven't been, is a time vacuum...you'll get on and all of a sudden realize it's 4 hours later)  Here is her shop GlassPhotoKeepsake and I have spent the better part of 2 days drooling over her stuff (and sending her spastic messages...pretty sure she thinks I'm nuts)  BUT nuts or not, Julie is willing to overlook my craziness and has kindly offered to share one of her goodies with us to sweeten the pot of our Mother's Day prize!!!!!!  How freaking awesome is she?  And if jewelery isn't your thing...oh don't fret my pets, Julie's got ya covered...check out the super duper adorable key chains or magnets:

Way cute, huh?  I seriously think these are going to be my go-to gift from now on...  So whoever our lucky winner is gets to choose one of those three awesome goodies from Julie (obviously with your own picture, as cute as those kids are I'm sure you'd prefer ones you know...)  SO FREAKING CUTE!  Can you tell I'm excited about this?  Seriously this stuff is just SO damn cute I can't even stand it, and with all of my gushing I have more or less confirmed that I am in fact a total spaz but that's ok...I'll be a spaz with a rockin' cute keychain and necklace because I already told Julie I'm ordering something.  And even if you don't win you should totally go see her on Etsy because obviously her stuff is cute and talk about affordable!!  Like I said, new go-to gift...new moms, grandma, a keychain for dad for Father's Day?  Go see Julie, tell her the girls at the Daily Epidural sent ya, and if you haven't already make sure you head back over to the "I knew I was a mom when..." post and tell us your story for your chance to win.  Carrie and I will be reading them over the weekend and announcing the winner next week.

We wish all of our readers a most wonderful Mother's Day and as always we hope your epidural lasts through the weekend...

Anne and Carrie


Trish H. said...
May 7, 2010 at 7:04 PM

That key chain is adorable! Thanks for the link to her shop! Happy Mother's Day to you guys too!!

Meg said...
May 10, 2010 at 2:46 PM

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I must favorite her... ;)

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