Be a kid again...

I just returned from my 1st grader's spring concert. I LIVE for those events. The kids are just so sweet and candid. You can always pick out a few who would rather not be there....the ones that are not doing the hand-movements, not even mouthing the words, and usually have a finger in some orifice. Then there are the ones stricken with stage fright and appear as if to be frozen right where they stand and their only comfort is scanning the crowd for a familiar face...if they are even able to muster up the brain-power to do that. My favorites though are the ones that sing (or yell) the words with wild abandon. Their arm motions are exaggerated out of sheer excitement. They could not tone down their performance if they tried. Their body and voice are operating independently from their brain when on stage. They have completely written off the music teacher that is standing at her piano mouthing the words as she coaches the young performers. These kids don't need coaching. They think they are awesome "as is". I want to freeze them all in this stage...and it got me to thinking; when did WE lose sight of our own wild abandon? So this weekend, I am going to try being a kid for a day:

Honesty - no more "Yes, that looks good on you." Not today. A kid would say "Those jeans make your butt look big. I don't like your hair in a pony tail...oh, and you have stinky breath too."

Volume - I will have two volumes - OFF and SHOUTING. I will choose only to use the SHOUTING one when in public places that require the OFF volume...especially when using my new-found honesty.

Speed - I will run everywhere. I might even decide to skip if the spirit moves me...unless of course I am supposed to be in a hurry, then I will drag myself along the ground and may even flop and lie face down on the floor like wet noodle.

Hygiene - My shirt will be a perfect surface to wipe my hands and face or anything that I might come into contact with. I do not discriminate against mucus. The sleeve is a perfect spot for this. If my shirt is full, pants or any furniture will do. (I must interject here that I draw the line at re-ingesting any mucus bi-products)

Verbiage - I will either whine or sing all thoughts, feelings, requests and emotions for the day. All of the aforementioned will be done using the SHOUTING volume.

Preferences - I am allowed to change my mind upon my own free-will at any given time without any warning. If I say I want my PB&J cut into triangles with the crust cut off, don't be alarmed when I look disgusted and ask "Where is my macaroni?". It is what I do. I will also request the pink plate and snowman glass at every meal. I don't care if they are dirty, at grandma's, etc. And I know that food tastes the same off of other plates, but I want the pink one. Make it happen.

Chores - what? Are you kidding me? Only if there is a pint of chocolate chocolate chip ice cream at the end of that tunnel. (this is where the dragging myself along the floor as if completely incapacitated will come in handy)

Playtime - This is my new job for the day. I will color, watch movies, do dozens of craft projects (with feathers,glue and glitter). I may even sample a bit of Play-doh. I will also read 32 books. I can dig it

Bedtime - Ok, yes. 8pm works just fine for me. How 'bout naps? Feel free to throw one of those in too. Oh, and I want "in" on that whole TIME OUT thing too. be a kid again. We spend a good part of our childhood wishing we were big. Then spend most of our adulthood wanting back the innocence and simplicity of childhood. So I challenge you this weekend - be a kid, and have fun doing it. They don't care what people think. They do everything for themselves. When did we become so aware of ourselves that we started to care what other people think? I am going to truly try to live by one of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain "Sing like no one is listening, Dance like no one is watching, Love like you'll never be hurt. Live like it's Heaven on Earth" - if even for a day.


Marci said...
March 5, 2010 at 3:39 PM

That's my plan for this weekend, I'm going to the coast and acting like a child :) Great message!

Baedke Family said...
March 6, 2010 at 8:28 AM

I Love this post! This is so true and I feel like this somedays too! Keep them coming!

Janice said...
March 9, 2010 at 12:59 AM

OMG..... I love it!! Hit the nail on the head once again!! Love it ladies... you are rockin'!!

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