Not so natural...

Speaking of..well...ummm, CRAP, we might as well BRIEFLY continue. I cherish those beloved moments where our cherubs announce every bodily function. My kids need to walk THROUGH their adjoining bathroom in the middle of the night to tell me that they, well...have to go to the bathroom. They don't require help, just an audience apparently. I am the opposite. I relish in the 3 seconds of quiet I get before they hunt me down and either pound on the door until they wear me down or pick the lock. Same goes with the noisy release...which my husband still shrugs and without apology and states in a GET OVER YOURSELF manner "It's natural". I am sorry. Nothing about an adult pooping in their pants in the middle of the living room is "natural". My kids have inherited this lovely trait. Just in case you didn't hear the reverberation from their little bodies and see the cartoon-like green fog envelope them, they feel the need to announce in their outside voice "I JUST FARTED" while you are quietly handing your insurance card over to the receptionist at the quiet dental office. At that point, all you can do is flash a sheepish smile while trying to hide the flop sweat that just overtook your whole body and PRAY that this kind soul (as well as the 5 other patients) staring at you in that "Are you going to repsond to your impolite barnyard spawn?" is also a mother. So you take what psychologists now call this "teaching moment" and kindly say "You just need to excuse yourself when that happens". To which your freckle-faced angel matter-of-factly states "I didn't sneeze, I farted." THIS very moment is why I realize that I carry a purse the size of I can crawl inside and hide. And perhaps find some year-old saltines and maybe a fossilized fruit snack or two.

It is moments like this when you realize why animals eat their young.....

So at this point, you get the idea of our blog. And hopefully you have enjoyed it. Keep in mind that this is new and this week's topic was so NOT planned, it just happened. And we usually are not this graphic and gross. We save that talk for the Thanksgiving table, etc. We have also gotten a few questions. And here are some answers.
1) Do you find these stories and post them? No. We write these stories and they are true accounts of what has happened, which is why we started this blog as a form of therapy.

2) What do you do besides write this blog? We are real-life sisters who are lucky enough (that is today's feeling anyway) to be stay-at-home moms. We have both worked, worked from home, and now we stay at home. We have done it all, so we feel we can relate with all types of moms out there. God bless us, every one.

3)Where do you see this blog going? These questions alone are a good start. We are still going to share our crazy "Why does this stuff only seem to happen to me" stories. But we are also going to expand and want you to share your stories. So many of you have said "YES! I have so been there." and that is what we wanted. We will also have a Q/A section. We are by no means parenting experts, but we have learned a lot from other great moms and up to this point our kids have not been taken away by CPS, so I feel that alone is a success and reason to answer a few simple parenting questions. We will also have recipes on here soon as we find something our kids will actually eat.

Here is a question for you all: Where would YOU like to see this blog going? Send us a message and give us your feedback and ideas

Thanks for following! I hope your epidural lasts through the weekend.....


Charlene said...
January 29, 2010 at 11:32 AM

I have to tell you that your blog has come at the perfect time, my son is now walking, saying no to everything and throwing food at me when I try to feed him. Thank you. Its so necessary to know that I am not alone, and that its ok to want to throw things at the tv when a commercial showing a perfect angel of a child with his/her super skinny 20 something perfect hair and makeup mom. By the way I think you should totally get your mom to write some posts, you guys have like 20 (just kidding) kids in your family, I know there are some classic stories there.

Tiff said...
January 29, 2010 at 2:11 PM

I always thought the whole farting thing was funny to guys, but no my 19 month old daughter laughs whenever she farts or her big brother and daddy fart! I would never dare fart! ;)

suncountrymike said...
January 30, 2010 at 12:15 AM

Just imagine the stories that Deezer or Helen could tell us. If they can be recanted, please post them on here.
Love it Carrie and Anne.

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